1.2.1 Migraine with typical aura

Migraine with aura in which aura consists of visual and/or sensory and/or speech/language symptoms, but no motor weakness, and is characterized by gradual development, duration of each symptom no longer than one hour, a mix of positive and negative features and complete reversibility.

Diagnostic criteria:
A. At least two attacks fulfilling criteria B and C
B. Aura consisting of visual, sensory and/or speech/language symptoms, each fully reversible, but no motor, brainstem or retinal symptoms
C. At least two of the following four characteristics:

    1. at least one aura symptom spreads gradually over ≥5 min, and/or two or more symptoms occur in succession
    2. each individual aura symptom lasts 5-60 min1
    3. at least one aura symptom is unilateral2
    4. the aura is accompanied, or followed within 60 min, by headache

D. Not better accounted for by another ICHD-3 diagnosis, and transient ischaemic attack has been excluded.

1. When for example three symptoms occur during an aura, the acceptable maximal duration is 3×60 minutes.

2. Aphasia is always regarded as a unilateral symptom; dysarthria may or may not be.